What Is A Commercial Flat Roof Recover?

by | May 14, 2024 | Featured, Flat Roof Replacements

A commercial flat roof recover is when you put one layer of roofing over top of another. Building owners and property managers might want to consider a flat roof recover when the disruption and cost of tearing off and replacing an existing one is too expensive.

When Is Recovery an Option?

Local building codes dictate how many layers of roofing can be on a commercial flat roof. In the Philadelphia area, you are allowed a maximum of two. That means, if you already have two layers of roofing on your building and want to add a third, you will have to remove both and start over.

This is due to weight and structural concerns.

Weight and Structural Considerations

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Adding an extra layer of roofing means adding more weight to the load-bearing structural elements that hold up your roof.

Flat roofs are designed to hold a certain amount of weight. Exceeding that capacity can lead to water ponding, roof leaks, wet or compressed insulation, and damaged roof decks and support beams leading to costly repairs and/or structural failure.

What Do You Recommend?

A flat roof recover is much less expensive than a total tear-off and replacement, especially if you have to upgrade the insulation. We recommend a recover on single-layer flat roofs as long as the existing roof insulation and structure are in sound condition.

Expert Advice

Whether you’re a beginner, need advanced information about flat roofing topics, or a refresher,  this is where you can learn everything you need to know about commercial and industrial flat roofing.

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Jared Van Vranken is Vice President and lead estimator at Flat Roof Solutions in Malvern, PA. Jared has directed the installation, repair, recovery, and replacement of commercial flat roofs for more than a decade at Flat Roof Solutions. He guides clients in selecting the best roofing materials for their needs and budget.

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