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Industrial and Commercial Flat Roofing Contractor Serving the Philadelphia Region Since 1997

Flat Roof Solutions is a Malvern roofing company that specializes in commercial and industrial flat roofs. We inspect, install,repair, restore, and replace flat roofing systems for property managers and building owners in the Philadelphia tri-state area and beyond. We are experts at locating and fixing problems, and at extending the life of your existing roof system while cutting down on continued, long-term maintenance expenses.

As Philadelphia-area natives, we are very familiar with how acts of God and third-parties can inflict damage on local commercial and industrial flat roofs. We believe in doing the job right the first time and have the expertise and experience to be able to deliver on our promises.

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About Us

Our Founding

Flat Roof Solutions is an commercial flat roofing contractor that was born out of the industrial sector. Our founder, Albert “Bert” Pearson has worked in the industrial coatings industry for more than 35 years.

Bert got his start managing projects for his father’s company. He applied specialized coatings to nuclear power plants, oil tanks, and other areas. Bert parlayed this experience into building his own commercial painting company which specializes in cutting-edge products to waterproof and protect commercial buildings.

In 2003, a representative of Insulating Coatings Corporation, known as ICC-Astec, approached Bert. Astec was searching for qualified applicators to install their roof coatings system. As Bert saw it, a flat roof is a continuous wall on a horizontal plane. He went through the Astec training, successfully completed projects, and earned a distributorship with the company.

After completing several hundred thousand square feet of roof restoration (coating) projects, Bert realized he wanted to start installing flat roofing systems. After looking at various systems and manufacturers and talking with other excellent contractors, he approached Duro-Last Roofing to become a qualified contractor for their system and thus, Flat Roof Solutions was born.

Our Reputation

Flat Roof Solutions has had great success with Duro-Last. Duro-Last is known as the “World’s Best Roof®” and is the world’s largest manufacturer of high-quality, custom-fabricated, thermoplastic single-ply roofing systems.

We are now one of Duro-Last’s top distributors and highly regarded as a commercial flat roofing contractor in the East coast region of the United States.

Our Materials

Over the years, Flat Roof Solutions has built relationships with some of the best manufacturers of commercial and industrial coatings in the U.S. We are qualified to repair many high-quality roofing and wall systems including EPDM, TPO, PVC, metal, asphalt, and foam. If the problem needs more than basic patching, we can provide a free estimate to make more comprehensive repairs.

To date, we have completed over 2 million square feet of roofing and wall projects. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us regarding your future project.

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Restore the waterproofing properties of your aged roof with a coating system, or simply re-cover with a new single-ply membrane



Roof patching is done right and lasts longer than the other guys. We service all types of commercial roofing systems

We were always chasing leaks around skylights and other roof penetrations…. We now have a dry building for the first time in the last 10 years.”
Arie Bregman



Remove your existing roof and replace with a high quality, sustainable, energy-efficient roofing system!
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